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For over 20 years, we have been committed to delivering innovative technological solutions to the Industrial sector. Digitally connecting our client’s workforces and customers with their assets and transforming knowledge into data to create efficiencies, new revenues and customer satisfaction.

Responsive to our clients’ needs and a market in constant evolution, we decided to combine our three companies (Air Liquide Services, Athelia and Keops) in 2017 under one brand: ALIZENT – Asset Interactive. One brand to optimize our technological and industrial expertise globally and cater to our clients’ needs wherever they may be from our offices in Paris, Madrid, Leeds,Houston and Montreal.. We remain a fully owned affiliate of the Group Air Liquide.

Our multi- disciplinary teams include as many engineers as IT specialists who pride themselves in keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and skills whilst integrating an industrial mindset to make them sustainable and pragmatic. Alizent operates a Quality Management system and is accredited ISO 9001.

We create value for you by helping you create value for your customers.

• Returnable containers are at the center of operations for many industries, it is often the main vehicle through which products and services are delivered to their customers.

Our expertise in Electronic Identification technologies as well as systems integration, allows us to design turn-key solutions that are adapted to our client’s needs.

• Experts in digitizing your activities on the field through the application of mobile computing technologies as well as monitoring the status of remote assets through the application of traditional (GSM, 3G) and new (LPWAN) IoT technologies.

• Smart Sensing - Monitoring of production assets by our solutions allows real time visibility and faster reaction to unforeseen problems within the plants which leads to equipment optimization and reduction in waste.



• Kraft
• Mondelez
• Air Liquide
• Carlsberg
• Molson/Coors
• Rio Tinto



Analysis and Conversion of Product Data
Food and Beverage Industry

After a multi-billion dollar acquisition, one of our largest Food and Beverage clients found themselves with the huge task of trying to standardize and centralize information on thousands of new products into their PLM system. As experts in PLM processes, data transformation and systems integration, KEOPS was uniquely qualified to help this client analyze the problem and come up with concrete solutions.

The newly acquired company had multiple divisions with various levels of PLM system maturity and data quality. Some countries/divisions used centralized PLM solutions while other used Excel spreadsheets and printouts of product data sheets.

To integrate these various divisions, we worked with our client from the analysis to the final go-live which included the following:

Development of processes for extracting and transforming data from various different sources in Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa
Data/systems analysis, with a focus on providing fully automated transformation processes for each system
Data mapping (to help our client determine what data they had and what they were missing)
Data validation tools to ensure data accuracy before migration
Bulk upload tools to improve data throughput (this process reduced data load time by over 50% and helped keep the project on schedule)
Technical support, training for regional data migration teams
KPI reporting on project advancement and data accuracy

With KEOPS’ support, our client successfully managed the migration of multiple new business units into one centralized PLM system, without negatively impacting their core manufacturing business.

QS Roll Out

KEOPS services were retained for the definition, design and worldwide implementations in over 80 facilities of a standardized quality management system for a major food manufacturer.  KEOPS Quality Suite was the solution retained because of the ease with which it could be tailored to the client’s needs.

The requirements:
Quality: providing clients with impeccable product
Efficiency: limiting production losses
Compliance: with an increasingly strict set of laws varying by product and country

The key attributes:
Easy to configure and use
Quick to set up, anywhere in the world
Adaptable to existing  facilities, diverse products and different production conditions

The benefits:
Improve production
Simplify the regulatory inspections process
Reduce costs

KEOPS Technologies, Inc. was chosen for its 30 years of expertise and innovative IT solutions implemented on 4 continents, its in-depth knowledge of the food sector with over 30 expert resources dedicated to this industry, a support team available 24/7 providing assistance in English, French and Spanish and a proven expertise with InfinityQS™ - Proficient MI solution allowing tailored deployment.

End User Application Support

KEOPS currently provides support services for approximately 85 applications to several world leaders in the food industry.  We are proud to mention that some partnerships have been in place for over a decade. Adopting and following ITIL principals and processes, our services are based on well-defined SLA’s and have a 24/7 support policy in many critical areas such as:

• Manufacturing To Inventory (MTI)
• Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)
• Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
• Labor
• R&D
• Quality

These services are provided in many languages but mainly in English, French and Spanish. Our multi-disciplinary team is experienced and client-oriented.  They focus on being proactive and pay careful attention to the monitoring, incident reviews and root-cause analyses of clients’ challenges.  KEOPS also offers a well-defined and tested Change Request process.

Decades of experience have enabled us to perfect our methodologies and processes to help clients modify, implement or expand present solutions whenever it is requested.  These initiatives are performed in a structured manner with no change in the quality of service provided to end-users.

Our in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing business gives partners access to a wealth of knowledge in process optimization, normalization, and consolidation.  This know-how also contributes to the clients’ continuous improvement objectives.