Drura Parrish



Drura Parrish is the CEO and founder of MakeTime. He is a successful entrepreneur and thought leader in digital fabrication, design, and object based economics. 

Before MakeTime Drura founded Parrish Production, an art and design fabrication company focused on filling unused capacity across manufacturers with work from top level artists, designers, and hospitality companies. Alongside Parrish Production, he was the co-founder of Land of Tomorrow which exhibited and sold goods produced for artists and designers by Parrish Production. Over 300 artists were exhibited from every corner of the globe.

In addition to entrepreneurial endeavors, Drura has taught graduate design and digital fabrication at leading design schools. He continues to lecture and conduct workshops on design, digital fabrication, and design entrepreneurship. Moreover, he is active in policy, boards, and associations that promote the belief that everyone can be an industry through making. Drura also invests in artists, designers, and object makers.